About Us

Pukinbeagle has brought the quartz surface to the community since 2008.The first Quartz product we made was from a Titanium nail from a designer who was and is no longer designing. Only 50 of these were made before the design changed.

Ron has always listened to people for his R and D. This has helped him continue to adjust and innovate.

his products bringing his supporters the finest quartz surface available. Pukinbeagle has always felt quality, performance, durable products and good customer service have been key to our success. Together we have overcome difficult obstacles that have resulted in a hard working and strong business ethic. Each family member contributes their own specialty to the company and provides a one-of-a-kind product and service.

Pukinbeagle is a small family-owned and operated custom shop. We are expanding due to the popularity of the latest design… the Thermal P’s, however, we will maintain a minimal size in order to continue bringing the quality and performance you have come to know as Pukinbeagle.

We look forward to our continued service to both supporters and community.